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Austin Home Remodeling Returns a Faster Higher Sales Price

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Austin Home Remodeling Return on Investment

Let’s face it: every Austin Home listing has its flaws. Rooms that show poorly, awkward transition areas, troublesome flow, disappointing curb appeal.  Austin Texas Home Remodeling

Some design flaws, such as legacy appliances and dated carpeting, are easily addressed at closing without affecting the home’s selling price.

But major design flaws and structural “uglies”? Left unaddressed, they turn off

buyers, extend DOM, erode the home’s market value and cost you income as the listing agent.

We at Dearth Design Construction have a better approach: Let’s eliminate those major design flaws now, before they beat up your commission. The result: a higher sales price for you and your clients.

NBC “Today Show” real estate expert Barbara Corcoran recently reminded homeowners of the significant return on investment (ROI) for home updates. A sampling, based on national averages:

New deck: cost $700; ROI $3,000 Fireplace addition: cost $1,000; ROI $3,000 Main floor laundry room: cost $1,200; ROI $4,000 Portion off garage: cost $1,500; ROI $5,000 Neutralize a kitchen: $2 return for every $1 spent.

Yes, we build beautiful custom homes. But we also specialize in strategic, budget-driven Austin Home remodels and additions that sell homes faster for more money.

We are so certain that you will realize a greater return on your time invested in troublesome listings that, for a limited time, we are offering a complimentary personal on site consultation with visionary designer/builder Todd Dearth.

Go ahead – hit us with your problem property. We’ll show you how our design and remodeling expertise can be the best resource you add to your tool kit this year.

Contact custom home remodeling Dearth Design today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation on the listless listing of your choice.

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