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Austin Home Design: How to Choose Floor Textures

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Home Design: Floor Texture Styles

When it comes to choosing a floor texture, style is important. For your custom home design, for example, do you want wood, linoleum, tiles, or carpeting? If you choose carpet, be prepared to also determine styles and textures. Color is also important in designing the overall theme of your home. When it comes to hardwood floors, the right color stain, style, and width of wood planking is also important in creating a subtle yet focused area of your home. Tile flooring options provide a wide range of ceramic styles, colors, and sizes. The best way to choose floor textures for your home is to know your options. Samples or photographs of flooring options are the best way to choose.

Pros and Cons of Floor Textures

As with anything, especially in home construction, there are pros and cons in making one choice over another. The same goes for the pros and cons of different floor textures. Talk to your Austin custom builders about them. For example, you may prefer carpet, but cleaning and upkeep may be more time intensive than a tile or hardwood floor. Conversely, hardwood flooring may also show faster signs of wear and tear than carpeting. Ceramic tile is durable and easy to maintain and upkeep, but chips and scratches may be harder to deal with. When choosing floor textures, it’s also important to research the pros and cons of each style.

About Home Floor Design Themes

Do you want the same type of flooring throughout your home or do you want to mix it up a bit? For example, ceramic tile in the kitchen and dining room offers easy cleaning and durability, but you may want carpeting for a bedroom, or even hardwood flooring for your living room. The style of your home may also help you determine a floor design theme. For example, a Spanish-style Austin custom home may look good with ceramic tile flooring, while a ranch-style may look better with wood flooring. Keep themes in mind when determining floor textures.

Cost of Floor Textures

Costs are important when determining the type of flooring for your new home. Costs for tile, hardwood, and carpeting depend on the style you choose. When choosing a floor texture, keep in mind the cost of supplies as well as installation costs and services. Also keep in mind the cost for upkeep and maintenance of your flooring.


As you can see, choosing the best floor textures for your new or remodeled Austin home is not as easy of a decision as you might think. Talk to your Dearth Design Construction contractor, about flooring options when it comes to choosing flooring and floor textures. Take your time with this decision, as once a floor is laid down, it’s not very easy to change it.

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