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Austin Home Building: Taken Seriously

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Utilizing the latest in design and construction technologies, and green building approaches, Dearth Design Construction, based in Austin (South Austin, Bastrop, Westlake, Lakeway, Driftwood and Texas Hill country), is anxious to put another winter behind them and charge full steam ahead in design construction, renovations, and remodels in Texas. Owned by Todd Dearth, Dearth Design Construction provides a wealth of experience, creativity, guidance and resources throughout the home design, renovation, and remodel process.

Austin New Home Builder: Dearth Design Construction

Dearth Design Construction, located in Austin, Texas, is determined to help Texans recover not only from the downturn in the economy, but from the fires in Bastrop County and other Central Texas fires of 2011. From room renovations and remodels to full home construction, Dearth Design Construction teams are dedicated to turning homeowner visions into reality. No sketch or idea is too basic for Todd Dearth and his team to develop for homeowners, whether you’re looking for an indoor space improvement or new and expanding living spaces outdoors.

From bathroom or models to creating the ultimate man cave from a basement or attic, Dearth Design Construction is one of the most creative and innovative construction and design companies in the region. Serving Texas Hill country and beyond, Dearth and his team are dedicated to providing safe, secure, and well designed and constructed living spaces, and most especially for those recovering from tragedy, loss, or damage, either from the Bastrop fires of 2011 to any homeowner trying to overcome damage caused by spring rains, flooding, or other natural disasters.

Dearth and his team take the idea of a home seriously. Our home is more than four walls and a roof. After all, home is where the heart is, and at Dearth Design Construction, custom homes, remodels, and renovations are approached with care, compassion, and dedication – every single time.

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