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Custom Home Design: the Best Way to Design Your House

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Austin, Texas home builders like Dearth Design Construction know that custom designing a home is often overwhelming for first-time homebuilders. That’s why they provide a variety of information on house plan and Texas ranch style homes, whether you’re building in Austin, Texas Hill Country, or in Westlake. When it comes to custom home designs, Dearth Design Construction provides support, not only in choosing the best home plan based on style, needs, and features, but when it comes to choosing floor textures, house design, and location.

A Custom Home Builder Needs a Vision

Whether you’re building in Texas or in New Hampshire, home builders need a plan. Austin home design ranges between a variety of styles. When it comes to choosing the overall design structure of a custom home, what are you looking for? What do you imagine? This is your vision. Your vision is the “picture” that first comes into your mind when you a vision a custom home design or even custom home exteriors. What will your home look like?

Austin, Texas House Plans Take Neighborhoods into Consideration

When planning a custom build, it’s also important to take into consideration your neighborhood. For example, you wouldn’t exactly build an English style Tudor home on a block that contains one story Texas ranch style construction. Dearth Design Construction knows the benefits and drawbacks of certain styles of homes and will custom design homes, features, additions or renovations based on need, vision, and of course, cost.

Going Rural or Urban for Your Custom Home Construction Project?

For your custom home construction project, dream, or vision, it’s also important to take into consideration the setting. What do the homes around you look like? Are you in a rural or urban setting? Local building codes give you an idea and give you freedom to choose the type of house style, square footage, or design structure that you desire, based on those city, town, or county codes. Todd Dearth, owner of Dearth Design Construction, advises customers on such topics, as many don’t even consider such limitations when it comes to custom home construction. “New homebuilders often have the vision or dream of their house in mind, but fail to take into consideration building codes, restrictions, and limitations in urban settings in regard to square footage, structural design, and appearance.”

Dearth Design Construction Knows the Importance of Location

You’ve heard it before, “location, location, location.” This isn’t just a guideline for business owners, but for custom home builders in Austin and other locations throughout Texas. Is your new home to be constructed on the top of the hill, into the side of a hill, or at the base of the hill? Are you out on the open plain, or are you building in higher elevations? Do you want a view to the west, or to the east? Such questions are among the many of that a custom home design takes into consideration, based on customer needs and desires. Whether you’re looking into luxury homes in Austin, Texas, or are merely seeking to renovate the kitchen and looking into gourmet kitchen designs, location, style, vision, location must be taken into consideration.

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