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Howard Ranch in Driftwood, Texas - Excellent Destination for Nature Lovers

The Howard Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary consisting of an extensive range of exotic and protected plants and animals. The land on which the Caddo Indians initially use the ranch for hunting and cattle grazing. The land is managed by The Nature Conservancy and is open to the public year-round for recreation and hiking. The land is surrounded by a large lake and has many different trails for hikers and mountain bikers to explore. Many people visit the land for the unique flora and fauna found in Texas and the great migration patterns and species seen from a distance. Find further facts here.

If you are interested in visiting the land, you will need to visit the Howard Ranch Visitor Center located on US Highway teen west of El Padul, just west of Highway 36 in El Padul. Many locations have maps, directions, and brochures throughout the state with information about the land and its creatures. If you cannot find the information you are looking for at the visitor's center, you can also email or call the nature center. They can help you plan a trip that takes you on a guided tour of the various habitats and provide you with as much information about each habitat as possible. Read about 2 Things About Felton Ranch in Driftwood, TX That People Love here.

To get to the land, you will need to take a boat tour through the Intracoastal Waterway, a part of the San Antonio River that flows through Driftwood, Texas. You will need to wear comfortable waders and rubber soles so that you do not slip and slide on the water. This tour is not wheelchair accessible, and you must take a boat tour boat that meets minimum size requirements. There are plenty of opportunities to view native wildlife on this trip as at least 30 boat tours are taking across the Intracoastal Waterway.

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