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2 Things About Felton Ranch in Driftwood, TX That People Love

There are two things about the Felton Ranch in Driftwood, Texas, that people love. First, it is a private community, so there is no public access to the land, and second, the excellent views of the texas hill country from your very own ranch house! The place is very secluded, with only a few hundred feet of roads in all directions, so you will not run into any huge cowboys or dirt bikers getting off their ATVs to help you see any wildlife or people hiking in packs. The only people who will come by are taking their rental bikes for a ride through the woods on one of the two trails that circle the ranch - one is used for biking, and the other for hiking. Click here for facts about Driftwood, TX.

You will be able to fully enjoy your Felton Ranch in Driftwood, Texas, from just about any vantage point. From your deck on your balcony enjoying the morning view of the area to strolling through the woods with your dog at your side, to enjoying a leisurely breakfast on your deck overlooking the area and watching your bunnies play in the adjoining fields; there is a wide range of locations from which you can enjoy your stay at the ranch. You may even decide to spend the night hiking, watching as the various wildlife take a nap beneath the stars. Click here to read about Check Out Fall Creek Vineyards in Driftwood, Texas, Now.

One of the most fantastic attractions of the ranch is that it is surrounded by several prime habitat areas for various wildlife types. There are numerous lakes, rivers, and ponds for the water lover and numerous parks and recreation areas for the outdoor enthusiast, who will enjoy hunting, hiking, canoeing, boating, fishing, and more. There are also several wildlife rehabilitation centers where rehabilitators can rehabilitate injured wildlife and provide information about specific animals that might be seen in the area.

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