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A Brief Guide For Persons Visiting to Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley, Texas is a unique community located in the Texas panhandle in the southwestern part of Texas. It is about a two-hour drive north of Austin and about an hour and forty-minute drive north of San Antonio. The community has a population of nearly two million people. It is composed of a small number of ranch houses and condominiums as well as townhomes in what is considered to be the oldest neighborhood in Texas. Information concerning Driftwood, TX can be discovered here.

Wimberley features a variety of activities for residents. There are many sporting facilities including a state-of-the-art community pool and fitness center. The local library features an extensive collection of public documents and records. The community also has a small shopping mall and a bank with branch locations throughout Texas town square. The National Post of Texas has called it the "perfect place to raise a family". Information about 5 Reasons to Move to Wimberley, Texas can be found here.

The Market Days festival was first held in Wimberley in the early nineteen hundreds. It was designed to attract people from all over Texas and to bring the largest variety of Texas native plants and flowers to the area. The Market Days festival is still celebrated to this day and is one of the largest celebrations in the fall in Texas.

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