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5 Reasons to Move to Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley, Texas is located in Hays County in Texas. The population stood at 2,026 in the 2021 Census. The average income in this city is close to forty thousand dollars, and the per capita income is around eight hundred dollars. There are a variety of real estate markets in Texas including the largest one in the state, Austin, and communities like Friendswood and Wimberley to the north. Find further facts here.

Real estate agents have seen a significant increase in the number of property buyers in the last three years. Houses, condominiums, and town homes are selling rapidly as people look to relocate to Texas or buy second homes. The Texas real estate climate is ideal for investors with an eye on the future because of the low cost of living and high disposable income. In Wimberley, there are several neighborhoods that are popular such as Blanco River North, Blanco River South, and Westlake. The real estate prices have increased dramatically, and the streets are lined with immaculate cypress trees, large mansions, and historic buildings. Read about Top Things to Do in Dripping Springs, Texas here.

Wimberley, Texas offers many options for tourists including the famous Texas Red River Gorge, Blanco River, and Wildrose Country Club. It's also home to the Blanco River Greenway, which gives visitors easy access to beautiful old-growth cypress trees. Homebuyers can find homes in any price range, but people prefer to purchase a home below market value. For the environmentally conscious, there are many new environmentally-friendly housing developments being built including solar-powered hot water systems, low flow toilets, energy-efficient appliances, and passive-cooling duct work. Wimberley, Texas is sure to bring you and your family a warm and enjoyable experience, whether you are planning to stay in an apartment, a house, or a condominium overlooking one of Texas' most scenic rivers. You will fall in love with this small community and the wonderful people who live in it.

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