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Woodcreek, Texas - The Fast-Growing Town

Woodcreek, Texas is a small community just outside of Austin, Texas. The community is known for its wide variety of homebuyers, who are looking for affordable housing within walking distance to downtown Austin and the University of Texas. Woodcreek has a lot of single-family homes for sale, as well as luxury homes, duplexes, townhomes, and investment properties for the savvy real estate investor. It is also a thriving shopping center and recreational area. The Woodcreek Industrial Area is located north of Downtown Austin in far west Texas near I-35. Look here for more about Driftwood, TX.

The Woodcreek, Texas realty market has proven to be resilient during tough economic times, as evidenced by the number of listings that remain available through the end of the year. In the coming years, there are expected to be a substantial amount of residential growth in the Woodcreek Texas area. In fact, Woodcreek figures show a growth in jobs and population, especially around the metro area. This will bring a significant influx of new residents, both permanent and seasonal, who will join the growing number of people moving into this part of Texas. Click here to read about Woodcreek, Texas - For a Whole New Lifestyle.

Texas Monthly reports that the Woodcreek area, Texas still stands strong as one of the best places in Texas to relocate, especially considering the increasing population and job opportunities in the area. The average home price in Woodcreek, Texas is now over seven thousand dollars, with detached homes in the Woodcreek section of Texas running in the high six thousand dollar range, and homes in the central part of the town between Riverside and Burnet being priced around six thousand dollars. The commute times to work in downtown Austin are less than thirty minutes, which is also ideal by many people in the central Texas. Woodcreek realtors can help buyers look at their options for houses for sale, whether they are looking at purchasing a new home, an investment property or simply looking for a place to call home.

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