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Woodcreek, Texas - A Wonderful Community

Woodcreek, Texas is a town in Hays County, Texas. The population in this town was 915 at the last count. The original settlement of Woodcreek dates back to the eighteen hundreds. Woodcreek is well known for its many festivals including Texas Kickboxing, Texas Championship wrestling, and Texas Run Horse Shows. There is also a convention center that is home to the Texas Horse Shows. A movie theater is one of the largest theaters in the county. See further information here.

Shows are held in the auditorium that is part of the Main Theater complex. Outside of the shows, there is Pleasure Beach State Park which has many events for tourists. People who enjoy the arts and music will find plenty of things to do. There are also over fifty restaurants in Woodcreek, Texas, and plenty of shopping for those who want to do some shopping. The shopping includes everything from individual style clothing to unique jewelry. The stores are located along Olde Town Square as well as inside of Town Square. Learn more about Woodcreek, Texas - A Wonderful Place to Buy Your New Home.

Woodcreek, Texas is known for its safe community. There is no crime rate in the town and there have been very few accidents in the town that were deemed to be negligent. The schools in the town have great success rates and are ranked above the state average.

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