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The Wonder of Cedar Valley, Texas

The ultimate family entertainment destination lies in Cedar Valley, Texas, just east of Austin, Texas. The town is a great place for all seasons to visit with its mild climate, scenic overlooks, a wide variety of activities, and charming homes nestled in the pine brush flats where pine trees thrive. One of the main attractions for the town is the Cedar City Summer Fest, which has its own unique charm and beauty. During this one-day long festival, visitors can enjoy fireworks, parades, carnival rides, concerts, fireworks shows, and more. More about Driftwood, TX can be seen here.

The best town between Austin, TX and Dripping Springs, TX to fulfill a family fun day is Cedar Valley, Texas which is about 23 miles from the middle point of Austin. The nearest zip code to this center is 78733. Driving distance to Cedar Valley, Texas from Austin Texas is only a couple of hours, as it is only about a three-hour drive, so the easiest way to get there is to take a cab. The best way to get there is to take the interstates I-35 and I-35E through the city, then turn left onto highway 36, a.k.a. Loop 36A, or use your local cab service to make your way to the small community of Cedar Valley. Click here to read about You Can Find The Best Home in Cedar Valley, Texas.

Not only is Cedar Valley, Texas located right on Texas' beautiful Central Texas Plane, but it is also home to some beautiful scenery as well. There are lakes, rivers, and wildlife just waiting to see and explore. The most popular area to hunt is known as Cockscomb Mountain, which is named after a large elk that was killed in an elk hunt conducted by the Travis County sheriff. Other popular areas to hunt are the Texas Wildlife Resources Division offices, and the Cedar Valley Museum of Art. Cedar Valley, Texas is truly a great place for hunting, birding, camping, RVing, and just enjoying a peaceful stay at home!

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