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Interesting Things to See and Do in Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley, Texas is located in Hays County in Texas. It is bordered by Texas and Louisiana to the south and east to west by Oklahoma and Nebraska, and west to the north by the Texas Mexico border. The average population in the area was around two thousand at the 2021 census. There are many interesting things for people of all ages to see and do in this small town of Wimberley, Texas. There are many National Guards Camps and military bases in the area and many interesting historical places to visit. Discover more about Driftwood, TX here.

There are many great National Guard Recruiting stations in Wimberley, Texas including Joint Recruiting and Training Base (JRTTA). This station is near milepost number one on the Texas-Mexico border. Other than the regular recruiting postings, there is a Visitor Center at the Visitors' Center located on the west side of the river road, across from the Texas-Mexico border. The Visitors' Center has information about the National Guard, as well as a cafeteria that serves meals, and a couple of tables where you can talk to soldiers who are visiting from overseas. Discover facts about Why Should You Visit Wimberly, Texas.

Wimberley, Texas is also home to several National Park sites. One of these sites, called Hill Country Park, is around two miles outside of Wimberley, Texas. Here tourists and nature enthusiasts can view the beautiful scenery such as cactus fields, deep woods, rolling hills, bird sanctuaries, and a playground. You can even take a hike up the Baldy Mountain, which is around eight miles away from Wimberley.

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