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Facts You Didn't Know About Cedar Valley, Texas

Cedar Valley, Texas - the second-largest school district in Texas. The first was Denton ISD, which was formed in Texas at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today it is one of the largest school districts in Texas with over three hundred schools. It is also one of the wealthiest counties in Texas with a per capita income of over six million dollars. Learn more here.

Named Cedar Valley after a Civil War general who led the Texas men into battle (he was called "General Joe"). It was founded by William Travis, who had been a cattle trader in Texas. In the early twentieth century, the area was the home of some of the best rodeo teams in the nation. Learn more about Things to Do While Staying at a Hotel in Wimberley, Texas.

If you are considering sending your child to Cedar Valley, Texas you might want to visit the Parnell Park Shopping Center on South Main Street, which is just around the corner from Cedar Valley. It has two large movie screens, a gift shop, a coffee house, and an indoor pool. The shopping center is within walking distance to the elementary school, and just across the street from the Cedar Valley Shopping Center. And, you will find some excellent restaurants serving some of the best Mexican food in Texas, as well as a wide variety of snack foods. The proximity to all the attractions is why Parnell Park is such a great choice for families.

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