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Custom Home Designer and Builder

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

When it comes to choosing the best home plan for your custom home construction, what do you look for? To start, explore the different types and styles of homes in the neighborhood or region where you plan to build. Home builders in Austin often prefer ranch-style construction, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited. In addition, it’s always important for a homeowner looking for customized home designs to determine the types and number of features based on need.

For example, Dearth Design Construction, custom home builders in Austin, Texas, always ask clients about any special needs or requirements of the individual or family who will be living in the completed home. For example, is a family member handicapped or elderly, or require certain features in a bathroom, bedroom, or other area of the home? Do you need an extra bathroom, an extra room or area of the basement that may one day be converted into another bedroom?

Custom builders such as Dearth Design Construction have the experience and know-how to ask the questions that will aid homeowners in choosing the best home plan. For example, home styles in Austin, Texas generally range between classic and modern, and may incorporate Spanish-style homes, a Craftsman-style home, or even Texas Hill Country-style. Some of the most popular architectural styles in the Austin area also include Tuscan, with stucco exteriors, arched windows and tiled roofs, to Mediterranean-style, also with stucco exteriors, tiled roofs, and small balconies. Mediterranean-style construction often utilizes outdoor courtyards.

Whether you’re looking for something contemporary, including exposed beams, skylights, or accent towers, or a Craftsman-style home with features reminiscent of the 1800s, custom homes in Austin, Texas are the specialty of Dearth Design Construction. For optimal results, always remember to consider the different types of styles, features and needs required as you look for custom home design.

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