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ATX Sandlot in Driftwood, Texas - Amazing Place as Your Training Ground

The ATX Sandlot in Driftwood, Texas, is a vast warehouse that houses several retail and service businesses. This location has also been used to film several movies, including the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Sandlot is a place that is always active on weekends, providing an outlet for local businesses to sell and display their merchandise while allowing film crews to shoot scenes and use the space for setting up. The place is also being used by several professional athletes in the form of a training ground for athletes from around the country. Learn more here.

The facility itself is enormous, consisting of over eighty thousand square feet of space. It is designed in a very chic and modern design that makes it easy to get your work done while fitting in with the area’s laid-back atmosphere. There is a large kitchen located within the Sandlot, where the various businesses operate and cook the food that is brought in daily. A large auditorium area sits in the facility’s corner, allowing gatherings for office meetings or company functions to be held here. It is also where serious athletes train, as a section is set aside just for this purpose. Learn more about Why Visit Wimberley Valley Winery in Driftwood, Texas.

Athletes can access the Sandlot through the tunnels that connect the indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, weight room, locker rooms, and training areas. The ATX Sandlot in Driftwood, Texas, is being used by several different businesses and organizations. There are several different events taking place at the facility daily. You will find that the basketball court is always packed, as many people try out the game and come to watch several high-level players hone their skills. The indoor facilities make working out more fun and exciting and allow clients and guests to relax while enjoying their friends and colleagues’ company.

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