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An Informative Guide to Hays, Texas

Hays, Texas is a small town in Hays County. Hays is just over an hour's drive from Austin and San Marcos, and it has numerous attractions to offer its visitors. Hays, Texas sits at the foot of the scenic Pine Ridge Trail Mountains, which makes for some great hiking opportunities. It also boasts two lakes with access to fishing and boating, as well as three golf courses nearby - Hays Country Club Golf Course, Hacienda Del Norte Golf Course, and Circle M Ranch Golf Course. The city also has plenty of museums on various topics that are well worth checking out! Further facts about Driftwood, TX can be found here.

Many Hays, Texas natives are proud of the city's growing population, its low cost of living, and affordable housing. Hays, Texas was founded in 1887 as a cattle-shipping point on the Texas & Pacific Railway. Hays, Texas has grown considerably since being incorporated in 1951 thanks to recent economic growth and progressive public policies like job training programs for youth and seniors who want to reenter the workforce after years out due to childcare, eldercare, or disabilities. Click here to read about The Best Places to Visit in Dripping Springs, TX.

There are plenty of museums in Hays, Texas worth checking out! They cover various topics including art or human history. The city also has lots of good restaurants for foodies like me! Did I mention the country club? Live music on Saturdays plus dancing every evening makes this place one of my favorites. Hays, Texas also has a lot of bars and pubs, so if you're looking for a party scene then Hays, Texas is your place!

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